A Few Things To Note About Cell Phone Website Design

Jun 19

Development in technology has enhanced the look and use of cell phones. Majority of the population of the world use cell phones to access the internet. This is because they use

wireless internet connection. Due to the increase of cell phone, many companies have started using mobile website design pages to sell their products and services.

An approximate of 80% of the population of the world own these devices. Cell phones are used for Internet purposes. This fast and reliable way to connect to the internet has led people to use cellular phones to connect to different sites. People use phones to send email, download items or browse web pages. Development in technology has enhanced the use of the small screen on cell phones to view large pages.

Results-driven Web Development Services can be yours!

Jun 19

I bet I can guess your past experiences with Web Developers…

You probably spent down a lot of money for an excessive amount of back and forth emails that resulted in a Web App that does little of what you wanted it to do in the first place!

It all starts off well. You find a Web Developer that spends a lot of money and time on their own website with all of their portfolio pieces. Impressed by what they’ve done in the past, you send over the money, sign the contracts, and you’re off to the races! Progress is great initially, but then as time goes on, they become unresponsive. They respond to your emails or phone calls in 3 days, then 5 days, then in a week! Finally, after delivering some glimpses of a functioning Web Application at the start, your project is dead in the water and you’re too frustrated and burnt out to find another developer to pick up the pieces.