I bet I can guess your past experiences with Web Developers…

You probably spent down a lot of money for an excessive amount of back and forth emails that resulted in a Web App that does little of what you wanted it to do in the first place!

It all starts off well. You find a Web Developer that spends a lot of money and time on their own website with all of their portfolio pieces. Impressed by what they’ve done in the past, you send over the money, sign the contracts, and you’re off to the races! Progress is great initially, but then as time goes on, they become unresponsive. They respond to your emails or phone calls in 3 days, then 5 days, then in a week! Finally, after delivering some glimpses of a functioning Web Application at the start, your project is dead in the water and you’re too frustrated and burnt out to find another developer to pick up the pieces.

Don’t put up with this anymore!

I’ve helped dozens of individuals and businesses with their Web Development needs and I’ve heard the same horror story over and over so I built my Web Development Services around exceptional communication and customer service.

With my services you will get NONE of the following:

  • Excuses
  • Delays
  • Regular updates and communication from myself
  • None of the overhead of Agencies which means affordable prices
  • No pretending or faking being “a big company”. I’m proud to admit it’s just myself who does the coding and runs the business

I have to admit up front that my services aren’t for everyone. Because I am a one-man shop, I won’t be able to deliver a Project Management System with Content Management System deployed on a Corporate Intranet.

Instead, I focus on offering solid, concise Web Development Services that are based on specific goals and guidelines for your Web Application.

At the end of the day, I want you to be successful on the Web. To help you achieve your goals, I am offering a FREE Report on the biggest mistakes people make when getting a Web App developed for their business AND a FREE Consultation!

To really focus and offer a high quality of service to my clients, I only accept 2 projects per month so sign up today for your Free Report and Free Consultation so I can start delivering value to your business!